CPD Training for counsellors

CPD Training for counsellors

The following Saturdays, 10.00am start to 16.00, can be booked via reception, by email reception@thedeborahubeetrust.org.uk Each cost £60.00 (unless otherwise stated)


Saturday June 15th

Working with Endings
This CPD will explore our own experience of endings, and discuss how these may impact our work as counsellors. How can we best help clients to manage difficult endings, including the ending of the therapeutic relationship? When you purchase prep help on the website, you get step-by-step manuals, graphs, and other substances which can allow you to learn chemistry quicker. You are able to ask our coaches about anything and they'll be certain to realize the essential topic. If your homework is so enormous and your deadlines are tight, then you may always depend on our homeworkhelpmate.com pros. Do not be afraid to speak to us and only ask our experts for assistance -- you may see how simple and intriguing chemistry could be.

Facilitated by Sue Faulks and Rosie Staden



Sunday July 21st


Using Creative Materials when Working with Adults 

Bringing materials into the therapeutic space can offer the client a different way to explore and express emotions. This CPD will demonstrate how using different materials can enhance traditional talking therapy. These can include natural elements, such as stones, or simple art materials. The training will include some experiential workshop-style elements and will include a section on sand tray work.  


Facilitated by Rosie Staden