Testimonials - under 18s

I asked (my child) what she thought and she had this to say;
'(The therapist) is calm and doesn't boss. She is playful and has lots of toys and it's lots of fun to play in her room. she talks but not too much and I could tell her what games to play, and she was good fun. I especially liked the worm game.'
So there you are.
October 2014



The Deborah Ubee Trust was there when my son who is 11 years old needed help.
one day my son came home from school with a mark on his hand, I went into the school to find out what was going on, I was shocked to find out that he had self harmed.  After taking him to the doctors for help they put me in touch with places but only for me to find out that they couldn't help. Then I was given the number of The Deborah Ubee Trust after my first phone call to them my mind was put at ease, I had the first meeting with (the therapist) to tell her about the problem and she was able to help my son with him looking at what had happened and to get him to talk about his feelings on the situation, since going to the Deborah Ubee Trust my son has not done any more self harming and is now able to tak about his feelings.
August 2014
Thank you to the people working at the Deborah Ubee Trust. They have helped me so much to get through everyday struggles and help me regain confidence within me as well as helping me with family issues.
July 2014

Following a divorce from my ex husband and I felt that my son was struggling to come to terms with his dad no longer being around so much. In addition to experiencing difficulties at primary school I needed help. Not really knowing which way to turn, I contacted my GP. I was advised that the most common move of approaching CAMHS was not suitable as our situation did not fit the criteria. My GP suggested I contact DUT. I had never heard of the trust and so was cautious at first. I booked a consultation with the director of the under 18 services. It was during this consultation that I was reassured that there was help for both myself and my son. On his first meeting with his counsellor, my son was angry and emotional. He was adamant that he did not wish to participate in the sessions. A year on my son is a testimony to the DUT. He is much more comfortable with his emotions, confident and self assured. He is a different child. 
October 2015
The counselling sessions at DUT came at a just the right time for my daughter. Since she has been seeing her counsellor she seems much happier, more confident and able to cope better day to day. She also now finds it easier to open up and talk about her feelings. Our relationships at home have improved as a result. 
May 2016
My daughter really enjoyed her time, and will miss attending the DUT. Everyone made us feel welcome. My daughter has told me her lasting legacy of receiving help from DUT is she has now learnt to speak out and can communicate her emotions better. Once again we would like to thank the DUT for giving us this opportunity in our time of need. 
July 2016

I would highly recommend using DUT under any and all circumstances. The therapeutic care they provided for my 6 year old was incredible. Her time in the playroom she described as ‘perfect’ and (the therapist) knows some really fun games.’ There is no judgment. The space is calm and safe, the staff supportive and friendly. I can’t think of a safer place to be vulnerable. 
July 2016
I was very happy for my son to attend DUT as they had explained what the process would be. My son looked forward to attending each week, so that told me he was very comfortable talking or discussing his issues. He was less conscious and so much more calmer personally. He didn’t need to remain with the sessions as long as I originally thought. Happy to say he is now the normal, loving caring little 10 year old I’ve always known him to be. 


September 2016