Transcendental Meditation

From January 2017 there will be an opportunity to learn Transcendental meditation at our centre.
Transcendental Meditation (TM) is an effortless, natural technique which involves simply sitting comfortably on a chair for up to 20 minutes twice a day thinking a mantra silently.
There are many forms of meditation which all have different procedures, goals, and outcomes. TM is significantly different from other forms of meditation in that no concentration, control, or even training of the mind is involved. The difference even from mindfulness, whilst appearing quite subtle, produces profoundly different outcomes. With TM, the mind is very easily allowed to transcend (go beyond) the active, surface level, beyond even the present moment. Always wandering in search of happiness, the mind naturally settles towards a silence so deep (known as ‘transcendental consciousness’) that the body also gains a unique state of very deep rest which research indicates is much deeper even than in sleep. This is the exact physiological opposite of the stress (fight/flight) response, and therefore even the deepest stresses accumulated during life’s most challenging experiences, and ultimately the cause of all physical and mental health problems, are automatically released.
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